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2020 up-date: I am currently not running any face-to-face School or College talks or workshop because of the Covid-19 lock-down.
However I am running on-line workshops (on my own and with PotentialPlus UK) and have run a summer school with Sussex University.


New pages put on this site recently (Nov 2020):

New 3D printing articles:
solenoid, piezo demonstration, bell-buzzer demonstration,

Radio articles:
I0QM 7 element 144 MHz antenna with 3D printed parts

Also see my CSC publications page here

Workshops with the Brighton Science Festival

News last year 2019: In October 2019 I was invited over to the USA to Florida State University in Tallahassee to give a talk as part of a 'Harry Kroto Celebrations day'. I also gave a talk to the physics department and ran a C60 workshop for families. This was a great ! you can watch a video of all the days talk at:
Kroto's Carbon Revolution (my 20 min talk starts about 27 min and runs to about 51 mins).

For more information about the C60 workshops and free C60 model kits given out at Kroto Science Workshops go to: *** Kroto Science Workshops page ***

* Quantum Mechanics Project: This year I have also been working with Prof. Hazel Cox at Sussex University developing hands-on equipment and games to help demostrate and teach the ideas behind Quantum Mechanics (I hope to have more details soon in one of my newsletters).

* I am currently writing up lots of project and ideas I have been working on over the last few years (there never seems to be enough time to write things up!). Watch out for some new projects in the X-files section as well as in the 3D printing section etc.

* The 2020 January Brighton Science Festival workshops involved desiging and building electromagnets and feedback systems / engines and 'shaky-hand-wire' game - and was a great success :-)
CSC Brighton Science Festival page 2007 to 2019

*** recent publications *** - see CSC publications page here

3D printing and Amateur Radio part I Technical Feature, J. P. Hare, The Journal of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RadCom) - October 2019

3D printing and Amateur Radio part II Technical Feature, J. P. Hare, The Journal of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RadCom) - November 2019

Should I make C60 for you if you going to eat it - Chemistry World, March 2019

50th anniversary Challenge Book - JPH contribution: The importance of being bright!
50th Anniversary of Potential Plus (formerly the National Association for Gifted and Talented Children), May 2017

BBC micro:bit and Amateur Radio -
Technical Feature first published in RadCom The Journal of the Radio Society of Great Britain RSGB Jan. 2017
Jan 2017 RadCom Micro:bit article
(article avaliable here with permission from the RSGB)

C60 Buckminsterfullerene: Some Inside Stories, Jonathan Hare's Chapter A10 - A PhD student's account of the C60 story, 2015 Book edited by Harry Kroto

The skype workshops have continued with Russel Taylor's Castaway Science high school classes (Maine, USA). We are continuing to expore Rusell Taylors 'Castway Science' and 'The journey home' courses for high school students. Please take a look at the new promo video at: click here for video of Science Island Extreme

My friend and mentor Sir Harry Kroto died in May 2016 - click here for a C60 and Harry Kroto tribute page and links to RSC and RS videos etc.

Please take a look at the GEOSET web site and check-out the mini-films including: Nine nanotechnology films including: the fullerenes, C28, spectroscopy of the fullerenes and more. I also made a four part series on the Physics and Chemistry of skateboarding and Longboarding (as well as the speedometer device published last year). These can be seen on YouTube and brought together here.

My longboard project continues - check out the speedometer publications:
Simple analysis of longboard speedometer data, J P Hare, Phys. Educ. 48 (2013) 723-730 click here for article
Skateboard / longboard speedometer project J P Hare, Phys. Educ. 47 (2012) 409-417 click here for article

CSC / Vega YouTube windmill video has now had over 2400,000 hits !
Windmill mini film
and YouTube video Q and A's

Check out the Oaklands School Fullerene reasearch and their Sussex mass spec.: RSC article here

click here for a Summary of CSC work
one page summary of Jonathan's work (40kb doc)

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Dr Jonathan Hare is a well known science educator and BBC TV science presenter. He presents about 100 talks and workshops a year to schools, colleges, universities and science festivals etc. In addition he is currently a visiting lecturer in Science communication in the Physics department at Sussex University.

JPH Key outreach achievements
* presents more than 100 talks and workshops per year all over the UK
* teachers, school children, students, all ages and abilities
* presents at the BA, Cheltenham and Brighton Science Festivals
* publishes science and science educations articles in reviewed journals (IOP, RSC)
* over 160 press and media articles in ca. 10 years
* recently made 15 mini science films with Vega Trust for teachers and experimenters
* outreach in local schools as part of the Brighton Science Festival
* major TV work: BBC Rough Science (6 series) and Hollywood Science (2 series)
* contribute to Sussex Chemistry Admissions Days
* writing for the science curriculum (Heinnemann, KS3 and 4)
* current work is being used in Nuffield 21st Century Science Pilot (A-level)
* The CSC has been reviewed by 'Form-It'
* Internet workshops with the Vega Science Trust (e-w/s) world-wide outreach activities
* Well established web site (see below)
* Has worked on production of science programmes with the Vega Science Trust

The Creative Science web site was set up (by JPH) in 1999 to inspire, encourage and help all ages and interests of people to make science experiments for themselves. This innovative site presents unique experiments and ideas. The CSC website currently receives 1000's hits per month and many e-mail enquiries, some leading to collaborative projects in other areas of the world (e.g. e-w/s with Russel Taylor in a school in Maine, USA).

published papers and articles

Jonathans NESTA work


Dr Jonathan Hare, Physics Dept., The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 9QJ.

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