The Creative Science Centre (CSC) at Sussex

The CSC was started in the 1990's by Jonathan Hare to respond to school requests for talks about the discovery and development of C60, Buckminsterfullerene. 100's of talks and workshops have been undertaken. The CSC has contributed to many popular events such as Science Week, The BA Festival of Science and events at the Royal Institution and the Science Museum. In addition to the University the CSC has been supported by COPUS, The Royal Society, Hewlett Packard as well as Sony UK.

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Jonathan continues to originate and present numerous workshops and talks both at Sussex University and all over the UK. talks and workshops. This year (2007) he estimates he has travelled 4000 miles on UK trains presenting his science based activities. These included Windmill workshops as part of the COAST events for the OU BLAST team, presentations at the BA Festival of Science, The Cheltenham Science Festival, Open University Open day and Alumni Society as well as for example talks to the new science students at Sussex University.

CSC Lab space
Jonathan runs workshops in a lab in the Chichester Building at Sussex University run by David Denials (an IOP award winning Science Teacher) and Steve Rogers who devises and arranges Gifted and Talented (G&T) activities for pupils from around the area. The CSC has a lab in Pevensey to enable on-line workshops to take place over the internet (see VEGA Trust work below).

G&T at Sussex
Working with David Danials and Steve Rogers Jonathan has continued to contribute about 20 workshops / year for local school pupils. These include C60, Shake-a-gen (electricity generator), Moon Clock, Hollywood Science and Castaway Science workshops. These run with the enthusiastic set of Gifted and Talented pupils from local schools. Included in these are the Excellence-in-cities and Marvellous Materials workshops. These have been very rewarding for all concerned and it's a delight to be involved in the scheme.

Web site -
The CSC has a popular web site full of articles, ideas and information covering a wide range of scientific areas. It also includes 'things to make and do' as well as details of talks, workshops, TV work and other activities. The web site 'hits' are constantly growing and we receive e-mail enquiries from around the world. The site currently gets about 5000 visits a month. Judging by this and the positive e-mail feedback from all around the world, the site is popular, helps people and gives remarkably good service considering it is running on an old 486 ! (thanks to computing services for this)

JPH's TV Work
Jonathans work has brought him to the attention of TV researchers and producers both as a presenter / contributor and also as a researcher and equipment builder. To date there have been 6 Rough Science and 2 Hollywood Science series and also the COAST series. These were made by the BBC for the Open University. Many have been shown on prime time slots as well as in over 90 other countries around the world (e.g. BBC World and PBS among others). TV work

Vega Work -
Jonathan has worked with the Vega Science Trust (Harry Kroto and Gill Watson) since it started. They produce science TV programs and have a fantastic web site providing on-line video viewing of science programs. At the time of writing we are co-running on-line e-w/s internet workshops supported by a Leverhulm Grant. Harry Kroto and I have also presented perhaps a hundred Buckyball (C60) workshops together, as a joint Vega / CSC workshop - Shapes, Space and Science.

Other Activities
The CSC has also been actively involved with others at Sussex University who are promoting science to schools and colleges and helping teachers. These include; being a Master for the last 2 Masterclasses in Science and Technology (run by Peter Adamczyk, EDB) as well as running talks and workshops for Science week activities with David Randle (Biology), Admissions Days, Open Days, the G&T project with David Danials and also for The Sussex Highway Project (Widening Participation) with Sara McKernan.

Publications and Press
In addition to the talks and workshops I have also published many articles for students and teachers based on my work (e.g. for Institute of Physics, Royal Society of Chemistry). I have contributed to OU / BBC booklets based on the Rough Science series. There have also been 100's of local and national press articles on the TV and CSC work. Publications

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Masterclasses in Science and Technology

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Dr Jonathan Hare is a Visiting Research Fellow in Physics at the University of Sussex.

Jonathan was a NETSA fellow 2000-2004


Dr Jonathan Hare, The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex

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