Sussex University, Brighton, UK.

Above: pupils at The Angmering school (West Sussex) using a sound recording studio they designed and built through a Creative Science Centre project.
Photo: Jan Meering, The Angmering School.

Science Centres provide a fascinating array of demonstrations and hands-on activities that inspire and aid learning about science. However due to time and facility restrictions an essential element - creativity - is often missing, or at least very limited. The Creative Science Centre (CSC) is attempting to address this problem. Its aim is to give people an experience of science, engineering and technology by helping and guiding them to creatively design experiments and make things for themselves. The CSC aims to include schools, colleges, universities, adult education students as well as those outside education. Activities include projects, workshops and talks as well as providing consultancy and information services. The CSC emphasizes idea and design creativity as well as developing problem solving, and team skills.

range of creative science based workshops and projects
over 100 talks to conferences, schools, colleges and the general public
workshops at the Science Museum, BA Festival and for Science Week
major adviser to the Science Museum 'Buckyballs and Beyond' exhibition
CSC web site
Scientist in Residence at the Angmering School, West Sussex
consultancy for Vega Science Trust, BBC and The Open University
contributor to the major new science BBC/OU TV series - 'Rough Science'
. NESTA Fellow

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The CSC has been supported by The Vega Science Trust, Sussex Fullerene Centre, Salters Institute, Royal Society Esso Partnership Scheme, COPUS, as well as local businesses and the electronics giants, Hewlett Packard and Sony UK. The Open University has also donated equipment to the Centre and some funds have been raised through paid talks at the larger institutions.

'The Creative Science Centre certainly is listening to the needs of schools and trying to produce real opportunities to support and enhance students learning'
Jan Meering, Head of Science, The Angmering School.

'A highly effective and imaginative Public Understanding of Science initiative the CSC promises to be a blueprint for the future and is a novel example of an imaginative approach to science education as a cultural experience'
Prof. Sir Harry Kroto, University of Sussex.

'Buckyballs and Beyond [9 half-term workshops] was one of the highlights of the week, and I can't thank you enough for the work you put in. Feedback from staff and visitors has been really good '
Ben Russell, The Science Museum.

THE CREATIVE SCIENCE CENTRE contact: Dr Jonathan Hare CPES University of Sussex, Brighton. BN1 9QJ. Tel. 01273 606755 x3171 and CSC web site: