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Dr Jonathan Hare - Science Talks & Workshops

"Thanks you so much for a truly stunning talk today. Every feedback form states how inspirational you were, and your explanations were perfectly pitched. Brilliant story telling, great engagement and rapport with the audience - I couldn't ask for more!"
Anna, Institute of Education 2015

"Hare is a brilliant communicator: The star of BBCTV's "Rough Science"; his uniquely imaginative website has hands-on demonstrations, talks and workshops which inspire enthusiasm for science in children worldwide"
Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize for Chemistry

"Absolutely fantastic! Our kids were buzzing all the way back to Newbiggin. As I mentioned it's more than just Science, it's about role models and aspirations and this visit provided all three and more."
Rob, Newbiggin Middle School, Science Christmas Lectures, Durham

Dr Jonathan Hare is a British physicist, science communicator and television presenter. Jonathan studied in Sir Harry Kroto's group for his PhD and was one of the first people to make and extract C60, Buckminsterfullerene, the football shaped molecule. He was one of the scientist presenters on the six BBC TV Rough Science and two Hollywood Science series (shown in 90 countries around the world!).

Click here to Rough Science clip from the USA series in Colorado
Click here to Rough Science clip from the Carabean series
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'The Carbon Revolution' - space, stars, C60, structures and a Nobel Prize.
'Hollywood Science' - are the movies realistic? we will explore clips from famous films
'Some Science of Breaking Bad' - is Walt's science as powerful as his own transformation?
'The Science of Your Mobile Phone' - exploring the science and technology of telephones.
'The Science of Skateboarding and Longboarding'.

'Voice on a Light Beam' - modulating light to carry your own voice as a message.
'C60, Buckyball Workshop' - Nobel Prize winning molecule - make your own model.
'The Baghdad Battery' - electrochemistry, cells and a 2000 year old Mesopotamian battery!?

What people say about Jonathan's talks & workshops

"I had to write to express my appreciation of your commitment to bring Nobel Prize winning science to children's education my little son Tommy, 5 years old, came home thrilled and truly inspired by the workshop and started making his own versions of the C60 molecule."
Vanessa, NAGC children

"You have never been anything but a plus"
Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize for Chemistry

"It has been an ENORMOUS pleasure to accompany you around Sussex [a month of Brighton Science Festival workshops], many inspiring ideas and deep truths have emerged, so naturally as a result I'm more dazed and bedazzled by the world than I ever was. So it goes. I hope you enjoyed it. I know that 1000 kids did ... "
Richard Robinson, Bri Sci Fest

"I always try to tell them Chemistry is fun and you managed to convince quite a few so thank you. Your enthusiasm is great and you work well with the [A-level] students so please continue your great work promoting science."
Cheryl, Esher College

"It was very inspiring - I think in schools it can be easy to lose that sense of wonder and achievement that can be gained from making things. I am sure you've given many youngsters the encouragement to start tinkering a bit more. The talk was nicely balanced by having a good bit of physics too!"
Ally, IOP, Cambridge University

"I wanted to tell you it was a pleasure to meet you. The way you communicate your ideas is inspiring, and I only hope I can show the enthusiasm you have when I begin teaching science."
Laura, A helper at the BA Festival of Science

"Thank you very much for your outstanding contribution to last weeks Science in Action programme for GCSE students. I hope you could see for yourself that you had an attentive and appreciative audience quite an achievement when you consider that there were eight hundred 14-16 year olds ... "
Radka, Training Partnership, Institute for Education

"Thank you very much for the Chemistry in the movies lecture. I know it went down well because I tried to stop a discussion on the amount of viable oxygen in a car tyre for a good 10 minuets before moving on to inter-molecular bonding! Anyway truly appreciated, thanks!"
John Luton, Varndean College

"I just want to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the "Hollywood Science" programs and equally how much I wished you'd been my science teacher in High school - I might not have got the D then (though I have since done some OU science short courses along with my main Maths course so maybe I'm making up for lost time). Anyway keep up the good work and you'd better make some more "Hollywood Science" shows, I not only found them really interesting but highly amusing. Take care (not to blow yourself up or anything)"
Emma, UK

JJ at Logan hall


Dr Jonathan Hare, Physics Dept., The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 9QJ.

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