RS I - THE LOCATION: (ca. 2000)

The Island of Capraia, near Elba between mainland Italy and Corsica in the Mediteranian. In the last Century the Island was used as a prison (like Elba) but now the prison buldings are empty and the island has become a National Park. Although there is a small port most of the Island is quite bare. There are however some very well made paths that cross the barren landscape of shrubs and the odd tree. Over most of the Island you wont see any sign of recent human life. I walked across the Island on one of these lonly paths and from the cliffs I saw the view across from Capraia to Corsica. Through the haze I could see the breathtaking mountains on Corsica. It felt pre-historic - like I would have had the same view millions of years ago.

boat view
View of Island from the Rough Science boat (seen at the start of all the programmes)

Most of the Island is bare and spectacular but empty of human life

There were only a few trees on the Island.

view of Corsica
The view over the Sea to Corsica was amazing, very isolated and a feeling of pre history.

The Island had a small port, seen here from somewhere along our hour long Landrover journey each day to the Prison Buildings near to the top of the mountain.

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(all Photos: Jonathan Hare)


Dr Jonathan Hare, The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex.

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