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taken from F. R. Stephenson, Quartly Journal of the Royal Astronomy Society, 1992, Vol. 33, p91-98.

"An extraordinary eclipse of the Sun occured in the very early morning immediatly after sunrise on the day before the Ides of May (May 14th) with the result that the workers in the field and many others, leaving their morning's work on account of the excessive darkness, decided to return to bed and go back to sleep. However, eventually after about the space of one hour, to the astonishment of many people, the Sun regained its usual brilliance."
Flores Historiarium, Roger of Wendover, May 14, AD 1230

"As the Sun was rising and people were going to markets and elsewhere in the town, it suddenly began to grow darker and the darkness lasted for a little while less than an hour. People could not see one another on the market or anywhere else in the town, and they were very frightned; and again God gave us light as before."
Pskovsky I Chronicles (Pskov, western Russia), Feb. 25, AD 1476


Dr Jonathan Hare University of Sussex, Brighton.

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