Xmas LED workshop


This workshop is for 7 - 13 year olds. The children make up small christmas trees and cards before the workshop. These are then decorated with a simple LED circuit that the childen build for themselves. In the process they learn about series and parallel circuits, LED's, wiring, resistors and soldering. This is essential electronics / physics learnt in a fun way.

In addition to learning about basic wiring (soldering) they learn that LED's and batteries need to be connected correctly, and that in a series circuit if one component is incorrectly wired, it affects the others in the chain. They can choose 4 LED's from a variety of colours: red, orange, yellow and green (we also include an extra 5th flashing LED not shown in the diagram that wires directly across the battery).

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4 led circuit
Our xmas LED circuit: two series circuits (each containing 2 LEDs and a resistor) wired in parallel.

led wiring
photo of the 'birds nest' construction - long wires allow arranging the LED's as desired on the tree or card.

xmas making 2
stages in making the circuit: cutting, striping, wiring and soldering

xmas making 3
stages in making the circuit: testing out 2 of the LED's at the half-way stage

xmas group
group shot of various creations with their LED circuits fitted in place


Dr Jonathan Hare, Physics Dept., The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 9QJ.

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