Going Portable (/P) - check list of essentials

I really enjoy going 'out on the hills' taking all the radio gear with me. Below is a list of essentials that you need to consider. Its very annoying, and possibly even dangerious, to forget important pieces of gear. I try to get all the gear, apart from the antenna and mast, into a mountaineers type ruck sack (which often weighs in at about 30-40kg's). This is a bare-minimum list written for a backpacker. if you have a car then nothing on this list should be a problem, dont be lazy - TAKE IT!

single day-out check list of essentials

Tell someone exactly where you are going, why and
when you expect to be back (leave your mobile number)

Also work out your QRA locator and map grid reference before hand

1-2 litre of fresh drinking water
sun cream
change of T shirt and towl
fleece and warm water proof / wind proof coat
mini tent / wind brake (OPTIONAL)

Food and drink (thermos and milk)
apple, choc bar, dried fruit etc
dry mat / camping mat
mobile phone (charged up)
Maps, compass / GPS
torch + spare bats

clock / watch / calandar
log books and scrap paper pad
QRA Locator sheets, Band Plans, Preffix Book
'pack-it' book / instruction manual for rig

hammer / mallet
penknife and versatile tool (multi-tool)
insulation tape x 2 rolls
mini gas soldering iron (check gas) and solder (OPTIONAL)

fibre cleaning cloth (good for cleaning gear / cons if its a bit muddy)
Radio (charged up day before)
spare 12V battery (charged up)
voltmeter (Fluke)
SWR meter (patch leads)
all other patch leads and power connection / adaptors
set of fuses for gear
antennas and mast clamps (use butter fly nuts)
pegs and guy ropes
mast, mast foot
camera and battery (OPTIONAL)
torch + spare bats (again!)
2 bin liner sacks
(good for protecting equipment from rain, for sitting on etc)

when putting up the antennas and mast,
think once, think twice, think again and then only try ..

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