Pseudo random number generators

pseudo random gen

I've been interested in pseudo random generators for a while. This particular version simply has 256 random numbers in a look-up table which the PIC reads and then sends to an 8-bit port driving 8 LEDs. I plan to programme a shift-register based generator (assembler code or in C) which will produce a repeatable 'random' set of numbers in addition to this rather simple 'number crunching' circuit. By the way I got the random data for the look-up table from a rather interesting book: An Introduction to scientific research [1] by E Bright Wilsons (Table 10.1 A small table of random digits, p. 287,). The table of random numbers from the book have been scaled to give 0 to 255, instead of the 0 to 99. References for shift register based generators are given below in the links and the books / articles.

Pseudo random
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Related articles and Books
[1] An Introduction to scientific research, E. Bright Wilson, Dover, 1990. ISBN 0-486-66545-3
[2] CMOS Cookbook, Don Lancaster, Newmans. ISBN 13-978-0-7506-9943-3, see page 375 for two pseudo-random sequence counters using shift registers
[3] Practical Oscillator Circuits, A. Flind, Babani Books, 1996. ISBN 0-85934-393-6, see page 48 for psuedo random bit generator
[4] Vol 1 to 7 of The Encylopedia of Electronic circuits (Ed. R Graff) has at least six shift register circuits
[5] look out for the MM5837 digital noise source chip (8 pin DIL) which uses a shift register and clock gen to create a psuedo-random-gen-on-a-chip


Dr Jonathan Hare, The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 9QJ

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