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There was a young fellow from Trinity
Who took √ ∞. (square root of infinity)
But the number of digits
Gave him the fidgits;
He dropped Maths and took up Divinity.

Found in 'The Story of √(-1) by P. J. Nahin but originary from 'One, Two, Three ... Infinity' , G Gamow.

There are 10 types of people in the world,
Those who understand binary,
And those who don`t.

(seen on the web)

There once was a Lady called Bright,
Who could travel faster than light,
She went out one day,
In a relative way,
And came back the previouse night.

There was a young fellow called Frisk,
Whose fencing was exceedingly brisk,
So fast was his action,
That the Fitzgerald contraction,
Reduced his rapier to a disk.

Relativity for the laymen, James Coleman.

A chemist names Ehrlich,
Engaged in researches obscene
He injected the poxy
With bis(para-hydroxy
Meta-amino arseno-benzene).

p 46. Chemistry World, Sept. 2011

O Lord, I kneel upon my knees,
and pray that all my syntheses
may no longer be inferior
to those conducted by bacteria.

p. 47, chemistry World, Sept. 2011

There are powers and thoughts within us, that we know not till they rise,
Through the stream of conscious action from where the Self in secret lies.
But when Will and Sense are silent, by the thoughts that come and go,
We may trace the rocks and eddies in the hidden depths below.

Recollections of Dreamland, James Clerk Maxwell.

.. this piece of wood gets all its carbon, as the tree's and plants get theirs, from the atmosphere, which as we have seen carries away what is disease to one being, health to the other. So are we made dependant not merely upon our fellow-creatures, but upon our fellow-existers, all Nature being tied together by the Laws that make one part conduce to the good of another.


Indeed, all I can say to you at the end of these lectures (for we must come to an end at one time or another) is to express a wish that you, in your generation, be fit to compare to a candle; that you may, like it, shine as a light to those about you; that in all your actions, you may justify the beauty of the taper by making your deeds honourable and effectual in the discharge of your duty to your fellow-men.

The Chemical History of a Candle, by M Faraday.

An experimenter should seldom be dettered by a theoretical difficulty; for the data on which the theory is dependant may be erroneous. The theory mathematically may be right enough but the data, the essential physical machinery may be different from what had been anticipated.

Sir Oliver Lodge, address to the Intitute of Metals on the states on mind that make and miss discoveries.

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