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What people are saying about Jonathan and his CSC:

'Having attended your workshop today I thought I should e-mail you some of the comments made by the pupils on the return trip. As you are probably aware sixteen year old pupils are notoriously difficult to please, however on our trip back not one - and I mean this - not one pupil had a negative comment. They all came away with something positive, some liked the fact the talk was pitched at the right level and lasted just the right length. Others liked the fact they could take something away, and just about all of them loved making the models. I have taken pupils away on educational visits where there were nothing but comments about why did we go and so on. This afternoon pupils actually went into the foyer and started explaining what the bucky balls were about to the secretaries! Some pupils even went to find their own science teachers to tell them - they waited until AFTER 3.30pm to do this!!! - So a great thank you and if there are any other workshops or there is anyway our pupils can get involved please contact me. Have a good Christmas, hope to visit again sometime in the new year.'
John Kavanagh, Head of Science, Reigate School, Surrey

'The Creative Science Centre certainly is listening to the needs of schools and trying to produce real opportunities to support and enhance students learning'
Jan Meering, Head of Science, The Angmering School

'A highly effective and imaginative Public Understanding of Science initiative the CSC promises to be a blueprint for the future and is a novel example of an imaginative approach to science education as a cultural experience'
Prof. Sir Harry Kroto, University of Sussex

'We would like to acknowledge the exceptional work of the Creative Science Centre and we are looking forward to continuing our links with the University of Sussex'
Richard Evea, Headteacher, The Angmering School

'On behalf of the Royal Institution, I would like to thank you very much for the superb display which you kindly arranged..'
I. M. McCabe, The Royal Institution

'..Buckyballs and Beyond was one of the highlights of the week, and I cant thank you enough for the work you put in. Feedback from staff and visitors has been really good ...'
Ben Russell, The Science Museum

'It seems to me that they [children and young people] should be encouraged to get involved, get their hands dirty and, above all be allowed to make discoveries - however small - which will give them a real sense of achievement, a positive feeling about themselves, which can only be a positive force in our society. .. I just wanted to say how important your Creative Science Centre seems to me ...'
Anna Lewington, Ethno-botanist author, and part of the Rough Science Team

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Dr Jonathan Hare, Room 3R253, Chichester Bldg. CPES, The University of Sussex
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