Drawings made while making Rough Science 4

RS 4 pic

The picture shows each member of the Rough Science crew in one of their roles or 'jobs'. The piece was inspired by the native American Indian images of the area (some very ancient). Jonathan (JR) is the RS4 producer and he takes center place as the mountain goat, while the pipers are the three directors: Alexis , Milla and Weini. The camera men are Tony and Keith while on sound we have Simon and Rob (ok so these are not ancient american indian symbols but I made them up as if they were !). Abbi hold the keys to the money and organisation of the whole thing. Meanwhile Kathy, Iain, Ellen, Mike and Jonathan follow Kates lead. The thunderbird, snakes and clouds (top right) are some of the fantastic and often unexpected experiences we had on this memorable trip.

These sketchs and drawings were made on 'rest days' while filming Rough Science 4 and are part of my on-going nesta fellowship work.

Rough Science and the high Sierra Nevada's - Saturday 2nd Aug 2003
Spend the day alone in the Alabama Hills, Mallory style. These striking hills - a sort of mini mountain range in themselves - are very near to Lone Pine. There is a nice breeze up hear and spectacular views. When I look south I have the High Sierra Nevada to my right, climbing to 3000m asl with 50 perhaps 100 miles of peaks around me filling the panorama. To the left I have the open desert with the long empty road leading to distant Death Valley.

Up hear surrounded by the strange rock formations and fantastic views I can really relax. The winds are blowing on the desert floor a few miles away. It used to be a lake before it was drained to supply Las Vegas with water. All that remains is a small brackish 'pond' to the south. The salt and dust left behind is kicked up by the wind and as I observed the view a dust storm funnel moves slowly toward me.

Storm clouds are brewing up in the Sierra Nevada's and even though I am high up here it is so hot that the odd spot of rain is actually quite refreshing. However, the downpour arrives and I head off to find shelter in a cave made out of three enormous rock boulders. I sit hear for an hour - perhaps two - meditating and watching just watching. I would have liked to disappear for a month, or two, in this place to just watch. To observe its ever-changing colours, animals and scenery.

Over the valley towards the desert there is a wonderful place. 10,000 years ago the lake was very deep and at that time this magical place was probably the lake side. Here there are marble cliffs and upon them are ancient carvings and drawings that the Native American peoples have carved so long ago. Later on, when I got back to the hotel, I start to sketch-out some designs based on the art work I had seen and that shown in the local books.


Dr Jonathan Hare, The University of Sussex

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