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Welcome to the Creative Science Centre (CSC) based at the University of Sussex at Brighton.
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Jonathan set up the Creative Science Centre in the 1990's to help and guide creative science projects and workshops. A major aim is to get more people to make things within science and offer science talks, workshops and projects to schools, colleges and the general public. This web site (The Creative Science Centre) is a sort of 'scrap book' of interesting science, I hope you find it so.

Dr. Jonathan Hare is a Visiting Lecturer in Science Communication at Sussex University and is a freelance research scientist who has worked on C60 in the Sussex Fullerene Centre with Prof. Sir Harry Kroto (1996 Nobel Prize for Chemistry). In January each year he runs a month of workshops all over Sussex with Richard Robinson from the Brighton Science Festival. Jonathan is also a member of all the BBC TV Rough Science team, see TV work.

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Jonathan was part of the BLAST planning team, an Open University outreach activity aimed at using its BBC TV and other broadcast programs within workshops and talks. We have developed workshops to go around the uk via science festivals (e.g. cheltenham sci fest., BA fest., Science museum ...). These include the Rough Science Rover and Windmill Workshops.

We are currently working with the Vega Science Trust looking into the use of the internet to run e-w/s (workshops) and to provide on-line follow-up activities after workshops. We would like to thank The Astronomy and Physics Dept at Sussex University for the use of the lab space for this work and for all their support.

Jonathan Hare would like to thank the many groups, individuals and societies that have supported the CSC including of course the Vega Science Trust and The University of Sussex (Harry Kroto, Philip Parsons, Robert Smith), NESTA, The Royal Society (COPUS), The Salters Institute, Hewlett Packard and Sony UK. Jonathan has run many G and T workshops (gifted and talented) as part of David Daniels work at Sussex University. David is an award winning science teacher and Head of Physics at Hove Park School. Jonathan would especialy like to thank Pete Simmons and Phil Chitty (Computing Services, University of Sussex) for their help, enthusiasm and much needed support, without which much of this work would not have been possible.

Jonathan is a member of the Institute of Physics (IOP), Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

Jonathan (G1EXG) has been a licenced radio amateur since 1984.

In 2000 Jonathan was awarded a NESTA Fellowship.

In 2002 Jonathan was awarded an IOP Public Awareness of Physics Award.

In October 2006 Jonathan was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

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NOTE: Although none of the experiments shown in this site represent a great hazard, neither the Creative Science Centre, Jonathan Hare or The University of Sussex can take responsiblity for your own experiments based on these web pages.


Dr Jonathan Hare, Sussex University

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