The total number of 'hits' a web site receives can be misleading. For example each time a page is accessed it registers a 'hit' but if the page has five pictures or design icons (however small) then each of these will also contribute a 'hit' (as each has to be loaded-up from the server). So accessing a complex page might give 10 'hits'. A web site might therefore get 10,000 hits a year but this does not mean that 10,000 people have looked at the site. It might mean, for example that only 1000 people clicked on 2-3 pages with each page containing 5 images or so.

In order to get an idea of the number of people looking at the CSC site we have analysed the number of times the first page (front page, which is simple and so registers a single 'hit') has been accessed. The results are shown below.

Histogram of 'hits' per year for the front page (main.html) of the CSC web site.
Note: last entry is the total so far for 2003 (up to May 2003).

Note: some pages received more hits than others and also some people got onto the site without going through the front page i.e. via links from other sites or via Google and other search engines. For example the Hollywood Science 2 page on its own received over 1360 hits over the two months April - May 2003.


Dr Jonathan Hare University of Sussex, Brighton.

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