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Timer, counter and red LED light

Although gadgets can't help our meditation they can help to set up the practice.

TIMER (left): although there is no 'standard' or advised amount of time we should meditate for our hectic lives often mean we worry about things like having to be somewhere when we should be practicing. This little gadget is a simple way of timing 5, 10 and 15 min sessions so we dont have to 'clock watch'. For example, if we know we have to leave the house in 40 min we can simply time 3 x 10 min sessions (after this we still know we have 10 mins to leave and so we don't have to 'rush off'). The unit give an audible short 'bleep' after the timed period.

COUNTER (middle): there are two counters in this small box. Each counter has a switch to reset to zero and each also has a push switch which increments a counter. An internal Li battery will last for several years. The counter can be used to count mantra repetitions (like we do with beads but in this case we can keep session AND a total of the accumilations), accumulations, positive and negative counts (as discussed at Haileybury Easter Retreat 2006) etc.

RED TORCH (right): finally we have a simple red LED light that has two brightness settings. This can be used at night (for dark retreats etc.) so that the eye will not be saturated by a normal bright mains room light or bulb torch. This sort of red light is often used in astronomy to allow viewing of objects while still maintain the sensitivity of the eye adjusted to the dark.

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Dr Jonathan Hare, The University of Sussex
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