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Thanks to ...

The last two years have been a very exciting and rewarding time for me at The Creative Science Centre. Over this period I received a COPUS development grant (Royal Society and Office of Science and Technology) for the CSC which has been crucial for the development and success of the ongoing activities and centre. I would like to thank Anna Link at the Royal Society for this important support. I have recently been awarded a NESTA fellowship (May 2000) which will allow me great flexibility for developing, pursuing and researching ideas as well as allowing me to develop in other ways. I would like to thank all those at NESTA in particular Peter Bradbury.

I would like to thank Sir Harry Kroto for his continued support and enthusiasm for the CSC activities, ideas and iniatives. Harry let me pursue the CSC at times when there were plenty of other things to do ! I think everyone in your research group would like to thank you for your encouragement especialy for wanting us to use our time as we think fit - if only more supervisors / boss's were as open minded as this.

'Let the boy boogy woogy' [ did.. ] Rent House Boogy, John Lee Hooker.

I also owe a great deal for the friendship, help and encouragement of a number of people including Gill Watson and the Vega Science Trust, Jan Meering from the Angmering School (the Fullerene Group and Recording studio group, fixers and gaffers), Bernd Eggen, Rufus Marsh, John Murrell, Tim Metham, David Walton, Steve Caddick and Phil Parsons.

A special thanks also to Phil Chitty and Pete Simmons from the CPES Computing Workshop for their kindness, time, support and encouragement as well as all their considerable expertese and experience they freely give.

A big thank you for help, donations and / or sponsorship to: Sussex University, The Salters Institute, COPUS, The Royal Society, RS-Esso Partnership scheme, The Science Museum, Hewllet Packard, Sony UK and GWM Radio (Portland Road, Worthing).

Last but not least, Love and thanks to Sarah Hogben.


Dr Jonathan Hare University of Sussex, Brighton.

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