Smithkline Beecham Masterclasses in Technology

Saturday 3rd Feb 2001

10:00 - Introduction: PA introduces JH with brief CV

10:10 - Geodesic Structures, what are they and why are they important.

10:30 - Introduction to Euler's Law for 2D shapes

10:40 - 'Paper' activity

11:00 - Coffee Break

11:15 - Introduction to Euler's Law for 3D shapes & consideration of various shapes

11:45 - Making a model of a 'Bucky ball's

12:15 - Summary of the morning & problem (triangulation) for next week (show unstrengthened structure)

12:30 - End

Saturday 10th Feb 2001

10:00 - Discussion on the problem of strengthening set at the end of the previous week with intro using unstrengthened structure, shown previous week. Eventual problem - How long are the struts in order to strengthen a regular hexagon, then a regular pentagon?

10:30 - In groups, find the different lengths needed (also paper models?) (8 x groups in their separate rooms EDB302; 303; 309; 312)

11:00 - Plan which dome the group is going to make

11:30 - Interim review of progress (plenary in lecture theatre?)

12:00 - Building the domes, in groups

13:00 - Making a big dome (optional for groups who have finished their dome?)

14:00 - Preparing your report back for the evaluation

14:30 - Evaluation of designs and building (plenary in 'lecture theatre)

15:30 - End


Dr Jonathan Hare, The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 9QJ.

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