Rough Science Poems

Turning a wheel,
moves the wax
cuts a groove
which before it lacks.

Sound falls on cone,
is transferred to needle,
its motion on the groove,
records sounds of people.

Back to the start,
our groove and needle,
replays the sound,
if ever so feeble.

The tight spherical surface of a glass bead drop,
Clear light directed and refracted to a spot,
Insect leg, onion cell or salt crystal small,
Using this device reveals them all,
A skilfull hand and curious mind,
Amazement and wonder all the time.

The balanced circuit is the one,
that makes our modern world run.
In TV's, radios and all manor of things,
this circuit even makes the telephones ring.
Its remarkable in this space-computer age,
that the balanced system is still all the rage.

We circle around this life giving Sun
Whose centre defies measure of temp. or tun
Simple atoms squeezed into new forms pure
Energy released more and more
Its makes its way to surface bright
And on Earth transforms what is day from night
A race and a dance across the void
Of electric and magnetic effect
From distant star we measure their age
And on cold mornings turn our face for warmth
To sunlight made in past times forgot
Turning the wheel of evolutions lot
Clouds, weather, temperate zone
A fly, a snow peek and a bee buzzing moans
Complex shapes and straight white lines
Our colourful illumer from ancient times.

The human guess to the constitute of things,
is that atoms form and cluster, sometimes into rings.
Electrons are part of this complex world,
their influence is all pervading, amazing to behold.
Around an electron is a field of electricity,
when it is moved it also creates magnetism, initially.
At a flick of a switch and in the wire,
these fields ARE radio waves, spreading out afar.
At the speed of light to fast to conceive,
they travel through matter its hard to believe.
And by changing their strength or even vibration,
a world or news can be conveyed as information.
Marconies dream and Maxwells brilliance,
has saved lives at sea, sometimes at an instance.
Inventions such as TV, radio and mobile phones,
just a few examples that will continue to fill our homes.

.. The rain in Carriacou falls mainly on the Rough Science Crew ..

These poems (like the drawings) were written on my 'nesta days' on the island, following on and developing the spirit of the wonderful Fellowship that I have been given. See nesta for details


Dr Jonathan Hare, Physics Dept., The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 9QJ

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