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Dr Jonathan Hare, The Creative Science Center, Sussex University.

psion 5mx open

I love my psion 5mx. It is cleverly designed, simple to use and effective.
Being ca. 2000 its now rather old .... but I still use it everyday.

I think it is a design classic because its:
* beautifully designed
* light weight
* excellent simple and effective operating system
* boots-up is less than 1 second (no waiting)
* runs on two AA battery's (available everywhere)
* batterys last me about 1 month (ca. 2 hours a day)
* touch screen makes it very 'intuitive' to use
* its been with me all over the world
* have written 100's of articles on it
* CF card allows me to load articles to PC
* CF back-up
* excellent world clock and alarm
* great programmable data base system
* programmable in OPL
* can get parts on e-bay and repairs possible
* love the simplicity, robustness and ease of use
* I trust the technology

Psion Computer web pages

Psion /
psion support more
Compass screen

psion 5mx closed

JPH, these notes made April 2011


Dr Jonathan Hare, The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 9QJ.

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