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I have run on-line workshops (e.g. Skype or Discord) for one-to-one mentoring and small groups for years,
now with the current problems of COVID-19 I am exploring ways to expand these workshops to the few schools that are still open and also to families.

This page will give more details as things progress (so please check it regularly).
contact me: e-mail: j.p.hare@sussex.ac.uk

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Ideas for on-line workshops:

* Rough Science Q & A - the Rough Science TV series are 'out there' on YouTube and other sites (see links below). Watch a program and we can go on-line to discuss what took place :-)

* chat about science - informal short chats about anything sciency - chemistry, physics, astronomy and electronics ...

* C60 Buckminsterfullene workshops - I can send you C60 kits, we go on-line to hear about the discovery and science of this Nobel Prize winning molecule and we make a molecular model :-)
(Note: these will have to be booked in advance as they can only take place when the C60 kits have arrived with you) more info. here

* what do you want ?? - send me your ideas and I will consider them :-)

All the Rough Science TV programmes (six series) can be found linked here
(there may be better quality versions elsewhere - if you find better ones please let me know)

Why not start with the first episode of the Colorado series here

Dr Jonathan Hare is a British physicist, science communicator and television presenter.
Jonathan studied in Sir Harry Kroto's group for his PhD and was one of the first people to make and extract C60, Buckminsterfullerene, the football shaped molecule.
He was one of the scientist presenters on the six BBC TV Rough Science and two Hollywood Science series (shown in 90 countries around the world!).

Click here to Rough Science clip from the USA series in Colorado
Click here to Rough Science clip from the Carabean series
Click here to Hollywood Science clip

Click here to main site
and contact me to confirm details of events, avaliability and costs: e-mail: j.p.hare@sussex.ac.uk

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These workshops are dedicated to the memory of Sir Harry Kroto (mentor, colleague and friend) and Oliver Hare (loved nephew)

Harry Kroto and Oliver Hare
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Dr Jonathan Hare, The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 9QJ.

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