Computer based devices

Computers are so useful, and yet often frustrating when they dont work properly or are awkward to use. I investigated a few devices to try and solve some of these problems and make working with computers a better experience.

power point remote control

PPT Remote - This is a custom designed remote control for computer Power Point presentations. If you are giving a presentation you need to be able to move around rather than be stuck near to the computer keyboard. There are remote control PPT devices available on the market but these are a little fiddly to use. I wanted something that would fit in the palm of the hand and could be used spontaniously without having to look down at the controls each time. This was the result and I now use it in all my presentations - it is an invaluable device.

cable lead tidy

Cable Tidy - there are so many leads that have to be stored away when using a laptop 'on the road'. For example there is the power supply, mouse cable, digital data projector cable, modem cable, etc etc. This little cable tidy device was designed to neatly store away these leads so that they dont get tangled together. I was thinking that it could be made out of thick plastic and be printed with information so that they could be given away as an advertising freebe. I made about 5 of these and found them to be very useful.

portable laptop supply

Portable laptop supply - I was trying to takle the problem of the limited laptop battery life of a lap-top 'on the road'. This device allows the computer to be run after the batterys have run out. It is an external power source for the computer. In addition to the electronics I tried to design a pleasing pattern into the side of the case (it also provided a heat sink and ventilation hole).

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Dr Jonathan Hare, The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex.

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