trust sculpture

TRUST - this is sculpture based on a rare Arabic / Islamic pattern. A simple mathamatical law (Eulers law; the number of corners + faces - edges is always a constant number) relates the numbers of sides, edges and corners a pattern must have. Eulers law is the law that governs the way polygons relate on a surface. Trust is the law that relates how people interact on the surface of this Earth. Just as the pattern is more wonderfull when you have a mixture of different polygons, so too is the world more interesting with its various types of people. In order for the pattern to develop the polygons have to arrange themselves on the surface obeying Eulers law. So to do humans have to relate to each other on the surface of the Earth. I wanted to bring together these two basic laws and express them through this wonderful pattern.

green stick demo

Green stick dome - I wanted to understand the construction and geometry of Richard Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes. This model eventually lead to a CSC dome Masterclass Workshop at Sussex University.

Giant Fullerene demo

Giant Fullerene Demo - a prototype demonstration device to show the geometry, maths and geodesic properties of the Fullerenes. In particular it shows how the giant (n more than 60 atoms) structures are composed of n-atoms, b-bonds, and the number of pentagons and hexagons.

grey line

Grey line globe - There is an amazing natural phenomina called grey-line propogation. This effects short wave radio signals and allows 'around the world' propagation along what is called the twilight or grey-line. This is the dusk line that lies between the night and day (Sun) sides of the Earth. This effect has only been recently understood. The model globe has great circles cut-out and arranged so that the grey line can be seen. This way it might be possible to predict from where you might hear short wave signals at different times of the day, season and year (this work is in progress).

NESTA Logo Gobo - A gobo is a sheet metal cut-out that is placed over a stage light to cast an image onto a surface or wall etc. I wanted to play around with lighting and projection of words and pictures. This prototype uses LEDs to light the NESTA logo - so it is a NESTA LOGO GOBO ! (this work is in progress).

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Dr Jonathan Hare, The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex.

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