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(part of JPH's NESTA fellowship work)

Sky, olive branch and Moon

Sky, olive branch and Moon (2001). (water colour, ca. 30 x 40 cm)
It is wonderfully shocking to remember that one is alive – a mind in all this universe.

Distraction (pi-chair)

Distraction (π-chair) (2002) (water colour, ca. 40 x 30 cm)
Sitting still you can see how busy the mind is, like a flea jumping about from thought to thought.


Beads obscure the thread (2003) (water colour, ca. 40 x 30 cm)
These (distracting) thoughts obscure our bedrock true nature behind all this mental activity. Observing and sustaining the gaps between thoughts (which is meditation) you find that you don't 'disappear 'or fall asleep you simply are very awake - spontaneously observing. Thoughts (beads) can therefore obscure a fundamental part of our self (the thread).

Mirrors on a Thailand Temple

Mirrors on a Thailand Temple (2003) (water colour + ink, ca. 45 x 30 cm)
If we observe a thought we see that it will naturally subside before we generate a new thought. If we are careful we can decide how we will respond to our next thought. But we also begin to see how our habits so much condition our response to the world.


Meditation (1998) (water colour, ca. 45 x 30 cm)
Regular practice of meditation settles the distracted mind bringing peace, less confusion and less wasted mental energy. We come face-to-face with ourselves – we observe that we share mind in the universe.

Apart from the last, these painting/diagrams are part of Jonathan Hare's NESTA Fellowship work (2000-2004). Jonathan would like to thank NESTA, Sarah Hogben, Harry Kroto, Bill McCrea, Sogyal Rinpoche and Sri Chinmoy for their kindness, inspiration and for sharing their wisdom. In early 2005 Jonathan presented a framed set of these pictures and text as a 'thank you' to the people at NESTA.

“Who is Kim – Kim – Kim”, Kim, Chapter XI, Rudyard Kipling

Ever the same again
My lost truth rediscovered.
Ever the same again.

Ever the same again
My forgotten Self remembered.
Ever the same again.

Ever the same again
My lost goal regained.
Ever the same again.

Sri Chinmoy, The Silent Teachings

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