Guy Hayler's Publications

List of Books, pamphlets, leaflets etc. published by Guy Hayler, Hon. President, World Prohibition Federation,
exclusive of signed and unsigned articles contributed to the Temperance and General Press of the World.

1889 The Queen's Vaults

1890 A Review and Its Lessons
1894 George Lofthouse
1895 George Procter, the Teetotaler (Novel)
1895 The Publican versus the People
1896 Pigeon Bill, or a Ha'penny Short
1897 the prohibition movement (Report Newcastle-on-Tyne Prohibition Convention)
1898 Proposed Provident Fund
1898 The Street of Hell
1899 A peep into the enemy's camp
1899 20th Century Temperance Extension Fund; an appeal

1900 The True Principles of Propaganda
1901 The Master Method (American investigation) 1904 the liquor question in the United States
1904 License verses Property and Trade
1904 Compensation to Brewers and Abolition of Slavery
1905 The Fiscal Policy, Bad Trade and the Liquor Traffic
1905 Abstainers of the Bible
1906 Temperance and Rise and Development of Railways
1906 Ancient Nationalities and Strong Drink
1906 Leaders of the Ancients and Drinking
1906 Story of Invention and Temperance
1908 Temperance Outlook throughout the World
1909 Prohibition; does it prohibit whom to ask
1909 The degradation of Ashington
1909 The Uplift of Throckley

1910 The real hindrance to progress
1911 The world's fight against alcoholism
1911 The Evolution of the Temperance Movement
1911 Temperance in the British Colonies
1911 the "disinterested" Liquor Monopoly Scheme
1911 Famous Fanatics (Historical and Religious)
1912 The Gothenberg System
1912 Temperance and Co'operation (C. W. S. Lecture)
1912 Prohibition: is is practicable?
1913 Prohibition Advances in all Lands (study of World-wide aspect of the Liquor Problem)
1915 The Christian Church in America and the Liquor Traffic
1916 National Temperance Federation; it's Past and Future
1916 State Purchase (Manchester speech)
1916 The Russian Liquor Monopoly
1917 Prohibition in other Lands
1918 The coming of prohibition

1920 The triumph of prohibition
1922 Brain-workers without Alcohol
1923 New Europe and Prohibition
1923 Fight the Drink (Pageant)
1924 The Child's Rights and Prohibtion
1925 For the Great Worlds Good
1925 Five Years Ago
1925 From the Prohibition Watch Tower
1926 thinking it out
1926 Joseph Malins, patriarch templer; an appreciation
1927 The "well-meaning" and Prohibition
1928 Labour and Temperance Reform
1928 A Trip to the British Worker

Band of Hope advocate (1875-78); Sunday Closing News (1882)
East Yorkshire G. T. Guide (1886-89); Temperance Witness (1890-1906)
Northern Temperance Year Book (1894-97)
Hought-on-le-spring reformer (1892); the International Record (1917-67)

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