Drawings made while making Rough Science 5 in Zanzibar

RS5 pic

Dows and Palm tree

RS5 pic

Stonetown bustle

RS5 pic

Carved door in Stonetown

RS5 pic

Sleeping market trader

Hatari painting

Electricity service cover, Stonetown, Zanzibar
(water colour ca. 30 x 40cm)

These sketchs and drawings were made as part of my NESTA fellowship work.

The painting was made a few years later. Zanzibar can have a 'rough and ready' feel to it and its not always comfortable walking around late at night. This painting of an old weather beaten electrical service cover I came across on a crumbling wall in Stonetown sort of summed up (in four languages: English, Arabic, Swahili and Indian) in my mind the need to keep alert.

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