Drawings made while making Rough Science 3

These sketchs and drawings were made on 'rest days' while filming Rough Science 3 and are part of my on-going nesta fellowship work. Maori art work is very beautiful and an inspiration. The spiral is a powerful Maori symbol and I have tried to use this in a number of designs. The spiral is a double spiral and so brings together in a wonderful way the pairs of opposites, or 'compliments', found in nature such as; day and night, birth and death as well as male and female etc. Also shown below are Maori woodcuts that I sketched and used as a basis for a circular frame design.

Finally in the bottom table I show sketchs of some of the wonderful Jade carvings that I saw in the workshops at Hokitika (West coast of New Zealand). I would like to thank the many Jade carvers in the town for supplying, and in some cases giving me, Jade for my own future carvings as well as sharing advice, knowledge and stories.

spiral 1
spiral 2
Jade carving design 1
Jade carving design 2

Maori woodcuts Frame
Left: various Maori woodcuts (hand drawn from ref (1) below) and Right: a circular frame based on the top (left) woodcut design

Jade carving sketches made from those seen in the Hokitika workshops

Jade design 5
Jade design 4
Jade design 3
Jade design 2
Jade design 10
Jade design 18
Jade design 7
Jade design 17

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Dr Jonathan Hare, Physics Dept., The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 9QJ

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