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A Buckyball 'double act' Workshop in progress !

Every Sept. the British Association runs a week of workshops, talks and public demonstrations called the BA Festival of Science (including BAYS - BA Young Scientist activities). The festival is held in a major UK city and this year it was held in Glasgow. For the last five years or so, The Creative Science Centre has been running workshops with the VEGA Science Trust at the festival:

Space, Shapes and Science - A Buckyball Workshop
with Harry Kroto and Jonathan Hare
How can the twinkling stars in the night sky be related to your pencil and what has all this got to do with footballs? Find out what a Buckyball is and make a model of one to take home. A workshop on shapes, structures and a new form of carbon revolutionising science.
Workshop suitable for ca. 30-40, 8-10 year olds

Glasgow schools who came to the 2001 S. S. & S. Buckyball W/S's:
Forehill Primary School x 2
Baljaffray School
Buchanan Primary School
Lawthorm Primary School
St Peter's Primary School
also two from the Royal Observatory visitors Centre

We would like to thank Hewlett-Packard, for the generous donation of a computer scanner and digital camera (photos shown here and in other places in this website were taken on the C200 HP digi. cam.). We would also like to thank Ursula Wielgosz and Elaine Stanley from BAYS section of the BA and all the student helpers on the workshop days.

HWK and JPH bucky kits being made

A Buckyball 'double act' Workshop in progress !


Dr Jonathan Hare, The University of Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 9QJ.

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