Philips 7000 shaver holder

shaver base

3D printed shaver holder for Philips 7000 shaver

In 2000 I brought an expensive shaver which lasted over 16 years. I did have to repair it a few times but it was not bad going. I finally replaced it in 2017 and brought a series 7000 Philips shaver. Unlike my previous device this one did not come with a stand, so I decided to 3D print one.

My first try worked well and I think looks rather smart so I haven't experimented any further. It is basically a circular base, large enough to make it stable when it stands up and a tube wide enough to take the main handle of the shaver. Although the shaver is slightly oval in cross section I used a circular tube to hold it, which worked fine as the shaver profile changes over the length of the handle.

I included a 3D printed pin (small pillar) at the bottom of the tube (protruding from the circular base) that ideally slots into the middle of the mains socket at the end of the shaver to keep it up right. This seems to help, even if it does not exactly slot into properly. I used black filament to print it out, I think it looks rather smart and enjoy using it everyday.

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Dr Jonathan Hare, Sussex University

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