3D printed adaptor for Hytera handheld transceiver

image of 3D adaptor

The Hytera digital handheld transceiver has two bolt holes on the back of the unit to attach a mounting bracket or clip.
This allows the radio to be attached to a surface or a shoulder strap on a police uniform for example.
Although these standard generic clips are readily available they have different hole spacing to those found on the radio.
The radio takes two M3 bolts spaced 40mm apart while the clips has 31 mm spacing.

I made up a simple 3D printed adapter to allow these useful clip holders to fit the radio.
The adapter was printed 4mm thick for good strength and has been designed to move the clip attachment a little higher up the radio for stability.
The adapter also includes pads that support the circular shape of the clip. Finally the adapter shape has been fine-tuned so it takes up minimal extra space,
so the adapter should not get in the way or hinder the use of the radio and its positioning.

It requires two 3M bolts 8mm long 3 to fit the adapter to the radio and two 3M 6mm long counter sunk bolts and nuts to fit the adapter to the holder / clip.
The photo below shows the 'evolution' of the template from a simple rectangular plate to something that fits the radio better and does not stick out or catch in use.

image of 3D adaptor

For more details please e-mail me:j.p.hare@sussex.ac.uk  

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Dr Jonathan Hare University of Sussex, Brighton.
e-mail: j.p.hare@sussex.ac.uk

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